Climb automates your clinical trial operations to accelerate timelines and lower costs
Our Story
Climb’s clinical trial solutions are trusted by industry leaders to make their studies more efficient.
Founded in 2019, Climb began as a recruitment management platform and has evolved into a study operating system that has contributed to the execution of over 50 clinical trials. We empower medical consumers and their care providers to make better decisions in the healthcare and general wellness journeys by making it easier to execute high-quality clinical research. By automating the long list of tasks that typically fall to study teams, Climb streamlines trial operations so our customers are able to conduct high-quality trials efficiently and cost effectively.
The Struggle is Real
While working on initial product development and commercialization of Uber Health, Jay, Climb’s founder and CEO, visited several clinical trial sites. The contrast between Uber’s technology-first mindset and the white boards, Post-It Notes, and spreadsheets used to organize the work at these sites was stark.
What technology solutions did exist in the market were cumbersome to use and slowed down the research process as often as they accelerated it. It was clear that the industry needed thoughtfully designed tools to empower study teams rather than simply giving them one more platform to log into.
The Problem is Widespread
Traditional clinical trials are too hard, too slow, and too expensive. That means treatments requiring FDA approval take longer than they should to get to the people that need them.
When products don’t require FDA approval, the cost of high quality research often can’t be justified. That makes it virtually impossible for consumers - let alone doctors - to take them seriously as genuine treatment options.
Key benefits
Clinical trials run with Climb:
Facilitate Quality Engagement
Automate outreach and follow-up to improve recruitment and retention
Maximize Productivity
Task-oriented study dashboards add structure to the otherwise chaotic study workflow
Reach Optimal Data Outcomes
Collect the high-quality, objective data critical to proving your product’s efficacy
Want to work with us?
To apply for a job at Climb, please email hello@climb.care with a bit about yourself and how you hope to contribute.

Climb makes it easier than ever before to generate real clinical data to evaluate your product

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