Clinical trial recruitment and qualification made easy.

Climb offers Sponsors, CROs, and Clinics effective solutions for recruitment and retention of highly qualified clinical trial participants. Interested in learning more? Contact us below.

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Get qualified participants in your trial

Colin Sauder
Colin Sauder, PhD, Principal Investigator
Finding the right participants for a clinical trial is one of the most time and resource consuming experiences for research sites. Climb’s technology-first approach to delivering highly-qualified candidates to the site promises a huge value-add compared to other providers.


Fast, secure and convenient.

Built for both clinicians and patients.

Our solution quickly identifies and thoroughly qualifies eligible participants for your trial in real-time. Vetted participants are scheduled directly with your clinics.

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Take the guesswork and time-consuming process of vetting mediocre quality candidates.


Streamlined experience to take patients from initial intake through clinical qualification in minutes.

Clinical trials that are delayed
The vast majority of Clinical Trials are delayed, 80% of which are due to the inability to recruit and qualify participants.
Future revenue lost every day a trial is late
The patent clock is ticking and won’t wait for clinical trial recruitment. Each day of delays results in future revenue loss.
3 yrs
Time to recruit for a clinical trial
Recruitment is the longest phase of clinical trials. Reducing the recruitment cycle has massive cost savings.
Average participants recruited per site
Clinicians have high-intent to work in clinical trials but lack the resources to find people. We source the right candidates.

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Climb will build a custom plan that works for you and your organization. Whether you are a Pharmaceutical company, CRO, or Clinic – we have plans that scale with your recruitment needs.