Better patient engagement

Climb engages and qualifies clinical trial candidates on your behalf to ensure no one disappears because you ran out of time to call.

How Climb works

Recruit and qualify candidates

Climb takes care of sourcing relevant candidates for your trial:

  • Climb candidates are scored against dozens of metrics in our in-depth screening process.

  • Receive only well-qualified and high-intent participants to screen.

  • No more recycled lead lists and fewer no-shows. Climb ensures a good match.

Maximize attendance

Climb does the heavy lifting to ensure that participants attend your trials:

  • We schedule candidates directly with your sites.

  • Follow-ups and reminders minimize no-shows

  • Automated rescheduling management recaptures candidates that would otherwise drop-out.

Ensure adherence and retention

Climb takes participants all the way to the end of your study smoothly:

  • Visualize your candidates’ records in your Clinician dashboard.

  • Protocol-aware systems keep studies on schedule and minimize deviations.

  • Candidates can track their progress, reschedule appointments, and communicate with clinicians.

Coming soon

Data management

Data management is made easy thanks to Climb's toolkit:

  • Your performance data is all in one place.

  • Capture progress in real-time.

  • Generate outcome reports.

We provide

For sites

Our solution can get qualified candidates through the door in under two weeks. Our solution is flexible and can be implemented quickly with the existing processes at your sites.

We take on the burden of finding, qualifying, scheduling people with your site, and ensure they show up to their appointments. You won’t pay if they don’t show.

For sponsors

Climb helps you accelerate recruitment for your trial and give you visibility into performance. We give you the levers you need to be able to get qualified candidates in the study faster.

We integrate directly with participating sites and give you visibility every step of the way.

Why Climb?

Faster recruitment

We hit the ground running and are usually able to get you your first qualified candidates in under 2 weeks.

Increased candidate volume

By taking on the burden of outreach, qualification, scheduling, and communication, we accelerate trial enrollment.


Our solution is built in line with rigorous industry standards including SOC 2 and HIPAA.

Official certifications

HIPAA Compliance

SOC 2 Type 1

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